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Radiology services offered in Stanton, KY

Radiology provides important diagnostic information when you’ve experienced an injury or have unexplained pain. At Stanton Family Clinic in Stanton, Kentucky, the team provides radiology services, including X-rays and ultrasounds. If you need radiology services, experience the convenience of the on-site services at Stanton Family Clinic. Call the office today or use the online tool to schedule an appointment.

Radiology Q&A

What is radiology?

Radiology encompasses imaging tests that evaluate and support a diagnosis. Radiology offers important information to family medicine patients who are struggling with illness or injury. X-rays, for example, can detect broken bones or abnormal fluid in the lungs; MRIs can help a doctor see tissue damage. 

Your provider at Stanton Family Clinic may recommend radiology testing to find out the cause of your symptoms, monitor how well your body is doing on a specific treatment plan, or screen for illnesses like colon or breast cancer.

What types of tests are included in radiology?

Radiology imaging exams include:


X-rays use radiation to see bones, abdominal obstructions, or fluid in the lungs. Mammograms are a special type of X-ray that looks at breast tissue.


Computed tomography (CT)

CT scans produce computer-processed images using multiple X-ray angles. It gives your doctor a better view of your organs, bones, and other tissues than a simple X-ray. 


Ultrasound uses sound waves to see your organs and internal tissues. You may know of ultrasounds used to see an unborn baby, but the diagnostic imaging can detect swelling, infection, tumors, and heart damage. 


Why would I need radiology services?

Reasons why you might need a radiologist include:

  • Muscle, ligament, or tendon pain
  • Suspected broken bone
  • Blocked arteries
  • Screenings for cancer or possible tumors
  • Foreign objects in the body
  • Injury and trauma
  • Infections

The type of radiology service you need depends on your symptoms and suspected problem. Your provider at Stanton Family Clinic may order more than one type of test too.

What is the benefit of on-site radiology services?

The on-site radiology services offered at Stanton Family Clinic mean you get a faster diagnosis and earlier treatment compared with when you visit an office that requires radiology services be done at a different facility. 

Your doctor can evaluate your case as soon as your radiology results are available. The team at Stanton Family Clinic can start your treatment right away or refer you to a specialist if needed. 

Call Stanton Family Clinic to learn more about the radiology services offered and how you can benefit. Alternatively, make an appointment online using this website.