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Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation services offered in Stanton, KY

When you experience an injury or illness as a direct result of your employment, you’re eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. At Stanton Family Clinic in Stanton, Kentucky, the team offers assistance in processing workers’ compensation cases so you can successfully file your claim. Call today or use the online tool to book an appointment if you’ve been injured at work or due to work duties.

Workers Compensation Q&A

What is workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation requires employers to give benefits to employees who suffer job-related injuries or illnesses. Every state has its own laws, but if you can prove you suffered the injury or ailment due to work, you’re often eligible for benefits. 


Workers’ compensation isn’t based on fault. The injury may be the fault of a vendor, a fellow employee, or yourself. 

What types of injuries and illnesses fall under workers’ compensation?


Injuries experienced at work or those suffered while traveling long or short distances for work may qualify for workers’ compensation. Injuries experienced while operating a company vehicle also often qualify for benefits. 


Workers’ compensation issues aren’t always due to an accident. You may develop an overuse problem, like back pain or tendonitis, because of repetitive work activities. For example, carpal tunnel syndrome that developed due to frequent typing and poor keyboard ergonomics can fall under workers’ compensation. 

If you think you have an acute or chronic injury or illness related to your work, contact Stanton Family Clinic for an evaluation. 

How can you help in a workers’ compensation case?

The staff at Stanton Family Clinic helps you return to full function as soon as possible. They can also support you if you suffer an injury or illness that leads to permanent disability. 

The team facilitates communication between you and your employer. The doctors can let your employer know when you can return to work and what types of accommodations or restrictions are needed when you return. 

The team can fill out necessary paperwork too. Check with your employer to make sure Stanton Family Clinic is an approved provider. 

What support is offered through workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation provides any immediate care you need for your case. The benefits also include wage replacement, ongoing medical treatment, and rehabilitation or physical therapy. 

Workers’ compensation benefits include payment for medical care and cash to the injured party. The benefits you receive depend on the nature of your injury and your long-term prognosis. 

Call Stanton Family Clinic to learn more about the workers’ compensation benefits offered. Alternatively, use the online tool to schedule an appointment.